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FAQs for Suppliers

What Is Required to Quality for Cannabis Nurse Approval?

Suppliers whose products meet our FLOW criteria, supported by research as optimal for medical use, are eligible for Cannabis Nurse Approval. 


FLOW stands for:

Flower Derived

•Lab Tested (Cannabinoids + Terpenes strongly encouraged)


•Whole Plant (food grade ethanol extracted or infused are preferred)

Please see our article on the subject for more detail.

How Does Your Program Benefits Suppliers?

Suppliers whose products meet our FLOW criteria are awarded Cannabis Nurse Approval, which helps your product stand out as unique amongst the less optimal brands.    As nurses, we work with patients, and as an approved supplier you are also added to our product referral list, website, plus we personally guide patients to purchase products.   We are experts at matching patients with formulas that best fit their needs, thereby improving your customer outcomes and creating positive testimonials.  

Suppliers opting to participate in our full marketing program benefit from point of sale marketing, with our seal of approval helping your packaging stand out, with corresponding posters/patient education materials supplied for your retail outlets.    Our menu includes a variety of options, from a supporting/marketing role to a complete CBD education outsource.

Program Details:

If you have a product you would like considered for Cannabis Nurse Approval, please reach out using our Contact  Us form, and include your website and any further details needed to assess whether you qualify.   Our initial review is free of charge, upon which we will reach out for more information if needed.   Once we determine a product qualifies, we schedule a conversation to discuss your specific needs, and discuss the package options.   


Here's an overview:

Tier 1: Basic Certification Package ($500 application fee +$99 monthly listing fee): 

  • Qualification for approval solidified

  • Product listed on our website (open source for patients)

  • Placement on our nurse product referral list, from which we guide our consulting patients to purchase (based on their individual needs).

  • Licensing rights to use our seal of approval on your website, packaging, etc.

Tier 2: Marketing Package Menu (prices vary):  Request A Quote

  • ​Tier 1 Contract Purchase Required (details above)

  • Poster & Patient Education (Retail Display)

  • Sticker Seals for Products on Display: variable per size/quantity

  • Retail Staff Education (Highlights How Your Product is Unique)

  • CBD Nurse Hotline Subscription - Education & Guidance

  • Practitioner Support Services - Education & Guidance

Custom Services:

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