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FAQs for Patients

What services do you offer?

Our nurses specialize in applied cannabis therapeutics for autism, ADD/ADHD, autoimmune/immune disorders, cancer, epilepsy, GI disorders, neurological and mental health disorders, and acute/chronic pain/inflammation. 

We also specialize in epigenetic interpretation with nutrigenomic interventions.

Due to limited availability our nurses are only taking new clients on a case-by case basis. Currently, we are only able to accommodate requests for a case review service, which entails email correspondence only. If you would like to request a case review, please use our Contact Us form.

If your request is granted, we will send you a link to complete your order for a case review. Upon payment, you will be prompted to complete an intake form and submit any documents you wish to have considered. Once submitted, the nurse will review the information and complete a cannabis plan of care, which will be emailed along with our Patient Handbook within one week of request submission.

This process does NOT include a scheduled consultation (the calendar reserves internal review time only), and instead the selected nurse will review the information submitted and create a targeted care plan, sent by email within one week of request submission.

Using the case review service, all correspondence is by email, and if needed, ongoing support is available by phone for an additional fee.


We DO NOT provide products or access to products!


How do I know if seeking consultation is important?

Please review the statements below, which are provided to help determine whether seeking professional oversight would be helpful:

Patient Self-Questionnaire

      Y   N

I would like to pursue an individualized approach to optimize my cannabis results.
I’m seeking medical cannabis for an ill child or adolescent.
I would like to reduce my reliance on pharmaceuticals.
I have been diagnosed with cancer.
I have a cardiac or respiratory condition (arrhythmia, hypertension, asthma etc).
I have been diagnosed with diabetes.
I have a mental health disorder (schizophrenia, bipolar, etc)
I’m seeking cannabis to manage/improve a chronic or complex medical condition.


If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, seeking a nurse consultation is important to ensure safe and optimal medical cannabis use.


What does a case review include?

Our case review service by a cannabis-specialty nurse includes a comprehensive assessment of health history, and individual considerations of cannabis therapy (ie: interactions with medications and supplements), which is used to guide targeted education and develop an individualized care plan to address our client’s needs and goals.   As part of this process, we also educate about what constitutes optimal medical cannabis products, with referrals to medical grade products that best fit the individual situation, and depending on location and availability.


Can I pursue a case review if I don’t live in Oregon?

Yes, we serve clients in many states of the US and have international clients as well. 



How do I know which nurse is the best fit for my situation?

Our nurses specialize in applied cannabis therapeutics in various areas of speciality, so please refer to our “Providers” page to determine which nurse might best fit the targeted situation before scheduling.


What if I have more questions?

Please choose our “Contact Us” option and send us an email!   We are happy to answer general questions about our services.


Do you furnish cannabis products?

No, we don’t sell nor benefit from sales of any cannabis products, and we don’t guarantee our ability to facilitate client access.  We do screen cannabis products and determine whether they are medical quality (based on objective criteria detailed here).  


Our goal is to connect clients with products that meet our qualifying criteria according to what best fits the client situation.   Due to the various regulations in each state/country we serve, we can’t guarantee a successful referral to medical quality products.  We do not provide legal advice and urge clients to know the regulations in their location in order to make a well-informed decision on how best to proceed.  Click here for more information on Cannabis Nurse Approved products and suppliers.


Do you take my insurance for payment?

Payment for services rendered is the responsibility of the individual client and requires private pay regardless of any insurance coverage.      

We require payment at the time of order through Paypal, which offers several payment options including credit/debit card, e-check, or transfer from another Paypal account.


What medical records are needed for consultation?

Please submit the following records at the time of booking (when possible):   Medication/Supplement list, recent abnormal labs, imaging or pathology reports. It’s helpful to know other treatments being used, and comprehensive medical history is assessed during the consultation, so it’s important to be prepared to answer questions regarding your health.


If you have a question that’s not mentioned above, please use our Contact Form to connect, and we will happily provide answers.