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Interested in Becoming an Approved Supplier?

Our Cannabis Nurse Approved Program is a way of helping consumers find medical grade products and knowledgeable health care professionals. We can help your company stand out among the rest by demonstrating your brand's commitment to high quality, safe and effective products.

Acceptance Criteria

In order to be approved into the Cannabis Nurse Approved Program, products must meet some basic criteria, which we have summarized into an easy to remember acronym: FLOW.

(F)lower Derived

We only recommend products that have been produced from the Cannabis flowers, or inflorescences, rather than Cannabis leaves or "trim". This is because the Cannabis flowers contain the highest concentration of resins which contain cannabinoids, terpenoids, and other therapeutic compounds. Products made from "trim" or Cannabis leaves typically have lower concentrations of these therapeutic compounds.

(L)ab Tested

All products recommended under the Cannabis Nurse Approved program must have third-party laboratory test results demonstrating the product's potency and purity. As part of our ongoing evaluation process, we may submit samples of products under the Cannabis Nurse Approved program for testing through additional third-party accredited laboratories to confirm the results on a product's accompanying certificate of analysis.

(O)rganically Grown

We require that all Cannabis Nurse Approved products contain ingredients which are certified organic or have been cultivated according to organic principles. We also require that the solvents used to extract the Cannabis plant be organic as well.

(W)hole Spectrum

When we use the term "whole spectrum" we are talking about the phytochemical diversity of the Cannabis material used to make the product. We recommend products that utilize Cannabis extracts that feature the widest degree of phytochemical diversity sourced from the Cannabis flower as possible, typically through the use of organic ethanol extraction or infusion methods.


Want to know what companies approved by the Cannabis Nurse Approved program have to say about the program? Check out our testimonials!

How to Apply

To apply to become Cannabis Nurse Approved, complete the form below and a representative will be in touch to walk you through the application process.

I confirm that the Cannabis and/or Cannabis extracts in my products is:

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